Interesting Facts about Severe Depression

Depression is an interesting form of mental illness in that there are so many different types, levels of intensity, and treatment options. For some people, depression is only an occasional problem brought on by a difficult event whereas for others, it is a lifelong illness that is debilitating. No matter the type or degree of severity, depression is serious and therefore something that should be properly diagnosed and treated by a qualified professional.

We wanted to take the opportunity to provide some interesting facts about this particular condition beyond what most people know. Because literally millions of people are affected by this disease, becoming educated is essential. Regardless if someone wants information for a personal reason or as a means of helping a loved one who suffers from the condition, gaining as much knowledge possible would prove highly beneficial.

Occurrence Rate

While most people think that depression is an adult problem, experts reveal that this condition on a severe level actually affects 3.3% of people between the ages of 13 and 18. However, throughout the United States, depression impacts 11.2% of the population for all ages. The people within this group face a lifetime of challenges and while frustrating, it is important to note that today there are many excellent treatment options.

Experts also state that women deal with depression 50% more often than men do although the numbers are probably higher for men than what studies show in that women tend to seek mental health care while men often oppose it. It has also been shown that just over 61% of people who do get a firm diagnosis get treatment and sadly, only 43% follow a minimum plan for controlling and overcoming depression.

Famous People with Depression

For someone with depression, there is often a sense of being the only person going through the symptoms when in truth, this is a condition shared by millions. In fact, depression crosses all boundaries, meaning that even the rich and famous are at risk. Some of the more famous people who have come out to talk about living with depression include the following:

o    Jim Carrey
o    Sheryl Crow
o    Drew Carey
o    Billy Joel
o    J.K. Rowling
o    Harrison Ford

There are many more names that could be added to this list but people need to know that they are not alone and with the right treatment, life can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Random Facts

In addition to the information provided, we listed some random and interesting facts about severe depression. While some of the information might seem unimportant, remember that knowing as much about this condition possible is the start to getting power over its control and destruction.

  • Risk Factors – Among the many risk factors that go along with severe depression are high blood pressure medication, family/friend discord, death of a loved one, major illness, abuse, whether emotional, mental, or physical, and a family history of the same mental health illness.
  • Positive Triggers – For someone with a family or personal history of depression, even positive events can trigger a bout of depression. Some examples of this include attending a large wedding, being hired on for a new job, moving to a new city, graduating college, and even getting married.
  • Drug Abuse – Depression on a severe level afflicts up to 30% of people who take illicit drugs
  • Testosterone – As the level of testosterone decreases with age, risk of developing depression increases in men
  • Bone Density – One of the newest findings is that bone mineral density decreases in people with depression, which for women, increases the odds of developing Osteoporosis
  • Mental Illness – Within the United States, this is the number one form of mental illness
  • Children – Up to 6% of all children suffer from depression and of those, approximately 4% experience a serious level
  • Self-Hurting – Sadly, many people with high levels of depression turn to self-hurting as a means of getting relief. The two most common forms include cutting and burning.
  • Chemical Imbalances – When chemicals within the brain become unbalanced, the risk of depression rises. In this case, the elderly are in the higher risk group.
  • Common Cold – For people with this form of mental health problem, occurrence of getting the common cold is greater
  • Cancer – Studies show that cancer patients are among those at greatest risk for developing severe depression
  • Suicide – The worst aspect of depression is that people who suffer from a serious level, incident of suicide is 15%