Is a Depression Forum Beneficial?

Someone dealing with depression has several options for getting help. The exact treatment would depend on the type of depression, level of intensity, and the way the individual responds. However, the three options that seem to be most beneficial include conventional medication, which usually consists of prescription medication, therapy in one form or another, and support from other people who currently cope with depression or those that have conquered it. There are several mediums for the last option with a depression forum being one that has grown in popularity.

Even so, people want to know if an online forum is really the right method for getting through a period of depression. The truth is that for some types of depression and those of a mild to moderate level, this could prove beneficial. A forum could also help someone struggling with clinical depression, major depression, or bipolar but because these are extremely serious, an individual would also need to be under the care of a licensed medical and mental health professional.

What is a Forum for Depression?

To understand benefits associated with an online forum of this kind a person has to first know what it is. This type of forum is an online meeting place for people who live with depression of one kind or another. There are general forums in which discussions take place regarding all forms of depression but others that focus on just one form. In addition, some online forums consist of random people who long on to chat and share without the site having a moderator while others have someone who oversees conversations to help keep things on track.

Because these online forums have become so popular, an individual could choose from multiple options. Of course, the goal would be finding one that an individual feels comfortable with but also a forum that offers the right kind of support, encouragement, and resources. A person might like the very first site visited or spend time visiting several before locking into the one that best matches need.

Remember, each depression forum is unique although the concept is shared across the board. We wanted to make a few suggestions that a person could consider but there are many others that would be good choices.

  • Mixed Nuts – This forum tends to take a lighter approach but visitors do have access to great information, support, and even a suicide crisis line
  • Psycho Forums – In addition to consisting of an online support group, this forum features open discussions and a depression message board
  • Depression Tribe – This site is another possibility that an individual could consider. At Depression Tribe, a variety of tools and resources are provided such as support groups, chat rooms, blogs, self-help forums, and much more.
  • Wing of Madness – The final recommendation we wanted to provide is for this online forum that links people living with this mental health problem together.

Forum Benefits

Anyone interested in joining a forum should choose the right one but also make wise decisions while participating in conversations. Although the majority of people are upfront and honest, unfortunately, there are times when people with alternative motives join sites such as this. We recommend using a forum for depression that has an online moderator. This person would watch conversations, keep things running in the right direction, and watch out for possible issues.

The right forum can be highly beneficial for many people that suffer from depression. Although this is something that anyone who needs help could use and participate in, forums are especially helpful to anyone without a support system. For instance, someone without a family or close friends would find these online sites a place to vent, get support, share stories, and learn coping skills.

Someone without the financial means or insurance to get professional help or even a person who tends to be shy and private would also find the forums beneficial. Because people have the ability to stay anonymous, conversations would never create a sense of embarrassment or shame. With this, being open about the different symptoms and experiences of depression would be easier to discuss.

In answer to the question of a depression forum being beneficial, the answer is yes. As long as an individual finds the right forum and uses all the tools and resources available, this would be one more avenue for overcoming this mental health disorder. However, a person should never use an online forum such as this as the sole treatment for depression.